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Kit Guide

Hints & Tips Index

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
Hints and Tip Index:

Explaining the 4th Dimension - Downwind sailing tips for single handers Tacking - the Technical Stuff - A detailed analysis of tacking efficiently Winter Maintenance: Trailing Safety - trailer bearing replacement advice. Steve’s Start of Season Checklist - as it suggests its time to take off your boat cover. How to Recover Your Laser With an Onshore Breeze - the only safe way to come ashore in an onshore breeze. Rooster MXL Loadpath Solo Sail – Set Up Guide/ Solo Tuning Guide How to Make your RS200 Toe straps Comfortable – and its not just the toe straps! #BoatPrep101 – Part 2 Hull Cleaning and Repairing Sheeting Techniques - how to ensure you can control the sail sheet and tiller extension effectively Do you sail to your tell tales? Do you know your 4th Corner? Can you hand over hand sheet? How to End for End a Top Mast - Is your Laser® top mast bent. This will make it as new.

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