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Hill Head Sailing Club's Stig Challenge - in 28 Knots - Video

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
I first heard of a Stig Challenge in dinghies at Frensham Pond Sailing Club. They had a 4.7 Stig Challenge which was held on Saturday Mornings by their youth group. Stig was never revealed and I am not sure if he/she was ever beaten. Hill Head Sailing club have a more open Stig Challenge that has even been entered by a keel boat. Here is Hill Head's rules: How would you like to accept a New Challenge? I give details of an idea that we have for a 'Stig' Fastest lap Challenge, I would love to take the credit for this idea, however, my thanks are to Guy Bradbury for his work on this. The rules are simple, the challenge is open to any club member, and you can have as many goes as you like. The Following rules apply; 1. NO CHEATING!!! The Sailing Committee's decision is final. 2. Use Jacqueline, Yellow Post and Alston in any direction, in any order and at any time (although not to interfere with normal Club Racing) 3. Time yourself from the first mark you start at, and stop your clock on rounding the same mark after completing one lap 4. Record your results on the sheet provided on the Noticeboard giving Name, Boat type, Boat number, Date, Time, and approx. Wind strength. 5. Using PY numbers an overall winner can be calculated at the end of each month. It has been great at focussing those enjoying sailing when there is no racing. Given a forecast of 28 knts plus, racing was cancelled. Sarah was keen to use her Rooster 4.7 Replica Rig and I was keen to try out some spars that have been prepared for a crazy Irish Sea Challenge (Dublin to Southport in a Laser in aid of Mental Heath Charities) I was able to tape a couple of cameras onto our Lasers for the sail. Its surprising how much spray there was! Good job we were dressed for it! The Stig Fastest Lap Challenge May 2011 Position Corrected Time,Mins. Elapsed Time, Mins. Name Boat 1. 6:75 7:46 Steve Cockerill Laser Radial 2. 7:71 7:09 Joe Salsbury R S 600 3. 7:72 9:07 Sarah Cockerill Laser 4.7 4. 8:51 9:41 Max Hindry Laser Radial 5. 8:52 9:22 Mark Hindry Laser 6. 8:38 10.98 Matthew West & Gary Aiken Dragonfly

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