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Hill Head Open

By 2nd October 2020

After a disappointingly grey and windless start to the day, Hill Head turned out to be a good day! Both of us warm in our Thermaflex Longjohns, three races were scheduled with four laps of a small course to race round.

We started well in the first race and we were third round the windward mark. We took a place downwind and then another going back up the second beat. No sooner had we taken the lead, the main sheet block attached to the strops broke, wedging the sheet underneath. This resulted in us losing a place and having to settle for second.

The next race began, however we pushed the line a little too hard and were recalled back. We then scooped back to what we thought to be behind the line and set off again. This race went a lot better with us claiming a first. The next race went smoothly and we got another bullet and then headed in. As we headed in we thought about our speech because we could not have lost with two bullets. However, when we got back in we were informed that we were not first overall but second. Unfortunately we didn’t go back far enough to clear the line in the second race and were scored OCS.

Oh well that's racing !!!

Lesson learnt - for the inlands and worlds, look after your boat and make sure you go back fully over the line if recalled.

Jamie Allen Louis Wright Feva 4963 rooster prize

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