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Hayling Island 200 Open

By George Yeoman 30th September 2020

This weekend was the HISC RS Open and it was glamour! Boiling hot a nice mix of conditions out in the bay, perfect practice for the nationals in Mounts Bay later in the summer.

On the saturday we were met with a light wind and a fair amount of chop. The wind took a while to settle but finally arrived in a nice force 2 from the south west. However it was apparent this was not going to be the end. The wind shifted though 40 odd degrees and this led to a very difficult day with results being posted all over the board.

Our focus was to get good starts and sail well and he results will come. However they were not coming easily. First start and we were stuck below a boat not wanting to be over who bore down on to us and the boat below meaning we had to recover which we did well and ended up finishing with a top 10. The next 2 races were less than ideal.

Race 2 we won the starboard end and tacked off on the first shift, however the shift kept going and by the time we tacked the guys on the left were crossing by a mile. Race 3 and we had a less than ideal start and got caught on the wrong side of pretty much every shift, the end of the day could not come fast enough.

Sunday promised to be slightly different and once the fog had lifted we started in a nice force 4 with big swell. After 4 general recalls we finally got the first start away and we had a cracker of a start off the middle of the line. Coming into the top mark we were looking top 10 having been a bit more conservative from our lessons yesterday. However we tacked under a group on the lay line and misjudged the tide and ended up caught on the mark. Once the fleet had sailed round us and we had got clear we set off playing catch up, gybing out at the spreader and caught a lovely set of waves and planed & surfed our way back to the top 10 by the bottom. Working our way up the next beat we tried a few different hiking positions and found one a lot further back than we thought which seemed to work well. We caught up to the next group and finished 6th.

The next race we had another good start and this time came in to the starboard lay line looking good for 3rd. However we over stood the mark and let a group inside us and we never managed to break through them and finished with another top 10.

The last race was frustrating the boat below us started with 5 seconds to go and were black flagged but carried on sailing and gave us dirty air back to the second row and we were forced to tack out. We fought back showing good pace to the top 10 again.

So quite a consistent weekend, not what we had hoped for though. But we haven't put in the time to deserve too much better and it was the first time we had sailed together in conditions like sundays swell. 2 months and counting till the nationals, better get out on the water!

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