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Gross Underachievement!

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020

How hard can it be to read the course before you set off?! Richard and I went out for our last sail in the Fireball before Christmas in proper 'winter' conditions with Chimet showed gusts of up to 32 knots while we were out. We managed to get into the lead only to realise we didn't really know where we were going (the same thing had happened at least twice earlier in the series, but did we learn?!). we eventually found the right mark and pulled out a bit of a lead. Unfortunately we hadn't worked out how many laps, and did one too many. So instead of winning the race and with it the Haying winter series, we did an extra lap, came last and froze ourselves on the extra lap. On the positive side, Steve's suggestion of wearing my Rooster Dry Top (now superseded by the semi-Dry top) over the top of my aqua fleece worked a treat. Now I have to work on something to stop the ice cream head all trapeze boat helms have to deal with on 2-sail reaches...

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