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Gloves....or lack of

By 30th September 2020
Please find below a gentle warning of what to expect if you don't wear gloves in certain conditions... Yes, I know I should know better, in fact I do know better but the lateness of the hour due to setting up a mast from scratch I was left with a difficult choice: 1. Try and find my gloves and miss races or, 2. Take a deep breath, a large dose of 'man up' and get on with it... They say a picture paints a thousand words, the jpeg below shows quite clearly in far less than that that I plumbed for option 2.

In my defence the forecast had been light all week so I thought I could get away with it, but as luck would have it we arrived at Rutland for our Musto Skiff Open and were treated to four fantastic back to back races in 15-18 knots. The following day I purchased a pair of grip gloves as a short term solution to protect my gaping wounds. Normally I prefer standard Rooster Pro sailing gloves as they have the advantage of being able to let sheets run through your hands easily when trimming whereas I have previously found the builders option too grippy. However, in this particular situation they were an absolute godsend as the gloves did all the gripping, sparing me from the rather unpleasant task of holding onto sheets normally! So anyway, this relatively sore experience opened up the debate of what to go for this year. Chatting to other people it seems that neither offers a financial benefit as a pair of standard gloves generally lasts the same time as 4/5 pairs of grip gloves. Admittedly I'm probably going to stick with what I know with the Pro's but would be great to hear what other people think, and why they choose one over the other so if you have a few seconds it would be great to hear your thoughts! Thanks for your time Cheers

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