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Kit Guide

Get locked into your Solo with the latest Rooster® Toestraps.

By Mark Harper 2nd October 2020
SOLO TOESTRAPS FROM ROOSTER®. Three products to consider for a Winder, Boatyard at Beer or Boon/Ovington Solo hull.
Latest Toestrap design from Rooster. Latest Toestrap design from Rooster®.
Latest Toestrap design from Rooster® with a typical lifter loop fitted.
Product code : 103099 (x1 need) Winder/Boatyard at Beer hull This is a pair of padded Rooster® padded toe straps for the Solo, each measuring 1030mm long from the plate/screw end, to the pressed eye. The width is 80mm to fit a typical Rooster® hiking boot such as the new Rooster PRO LACED BOOT. The strap is approx. 11mm thick and it is well padded. On the top is a webbing, stitched to the padded material, and underneath the strap is a new ultra gripply/textured rubber material in grey (undated from v1 Rooster® toestrap). At one end is a plain cut & sealed web so it can be screwed to an existing toestrap plate fitting. There is enough webbing at this end so it can be ‘double up’ and then attached to a toestrap plate fitting, if this is preferred. There is no lifter at the front of the strap, as Steve said that the elastic simply loops under the toestrap and then back directly to the underside of the Solo thwart directly above, and with sufficient elastic tension in the elastic to hold up the strap. 'Lifters' on toe straps are generally only needed when there is a pull of the elastic/loop from an acute angle. Alternative Product code : 104997 (single strap) x 2 needed. Winder / Boatyard at Beer hull An alternative to the above product, and with the same construction (1010mm long x 80mm wide) but each end of the strap has flat loops that can also be screwed (or tied) to an existing toestrap plate (so no need to fold the webbing over) or deck eye fitting. This product has a 'lifter' on the top at the front. Product code : 104999 (single strap) x 2 needed. Fits the early Ovington/Boon hull. This toestrap product from Rooster® is 695mm long x 80mm wide, and comes complete with two lifters. Fits all the Boon/Ovington Solo hulls up to approx: sail number : 5600. (Note: From mid July 2015 Ovington took over moulding of the Solo from Steve Boon at Boon boats & the aft toestrap anchorage was moved aft, so only 2 tostraps needed rather than 4 on the early Boon hull variant.) Same design in all respects as the other toestraps, with a very grippy grey backed rubber. All the toestraps can of course have an optional block/control line fitted to the front loop, so they are adjustable via a suitable cleat to the side deck or thwart on the Solo.
Rooster Solo Toestrap Rooster® Solo Toestrap fitted to Boon/Ovington hull
Rooster Toestrap For the rope anchorage fittings you will need 5m of 4mm ROOSTER SPECTWELVE to anchor the straps loops to the floor deck eyes - a 4MM PUSH FID SPLICING NEEDLE is a useful tool for those rope splices. I suggest also the 6mm ROOSTER DYNEEMA® SHOCK CORD to lift the toestraps as required, through the lifters. I used 2 no. small eye deck fittings ('P' shaped style) fitted to the underside of the Solo thwart.
Rooster Solo Toestrap fitted to Boon/Ovington hull with front adjustment Toestrap fitted to Boon/Ovington hull with front adjustment led to the side desk
The above photo shows the 695mm long Rooster® toestraps fitted to the Boon/ Ovington Solo hull mounting block with a HARKEN 225 22MM SINGLE MICRO BLOCK WITH BECKET and a HARKEN 2149 40MM CARBO T2 SOFT ATTACH BLOCK - OPEN CENTRE attached to the toestrap loop. For the control line I suggest the ROOSTER ALLSPEC PRO™ 6mm could be used - a 3m total length required.

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