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Fundamental Rule

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
Whilst racing at Hill Head in the Scorpion on Saturday in perfect conditions, 15 - 18 Knots and sunny we were slightly distracted as we had one eye on the Harry who was racing in his second club race in the Topper. We sent Harry out with a Rooster 4.2 replica sail hoping that he would manage it better in the stronger winds. However, Sarah had already righted his inverted Topper once (should have tied some empty plastic milk bottles to the mast top) and so we had already performed some special manoeuvres to drop off and pick her up after the righting operation. On the approach to the windward mark on the second lap we ducked a Pico that was head to wind. The helmsman had his head in his hands. Sarah instantly asked "are you all right?"- and the reply came back "no". Well with no sign of rescue boats in the vicinity there was nothing else to do but rescue him ourselves; it's one of those fundamental rules that says you must help another craft in need. He had evidently hit his head on the boom and was feeling pretty groggy. Another pass and Sarah was once again crawling onto another boat - and took control to sail him back to the shore. Meanwhile helming a Scorpion single handed was fun. 2 sail reaching was exciting and beating was amazingly quite quick, mind I had to rake it a little more than normal. I was still just ahead of the other Scorpion when I saw Sarah coming back out on the front of a Laser®. Well that was now 4 boats she had been in, in just one day! I had thought that she might get a lift in a rib - but evidently some of the ribs fuel tanks had been filled with diesel, which were now being rescued by the one working rib, and that was the reason for the lack of rescue cover and also the reason for the race being abandoned. What fun. Some rye smiles and head shaking met us on the shore as the Commodore explained what had happened. Good call to abandon the race and also another good reason to always be aware of other sailors abilities when out racing.

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