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Kit Guide

First Racing of the Season

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
The snow finally stopped and I was able to get sailing again. We had our first race of the season at Dalgety, called the Brass Monkey, for obvious reasons. It was sunny, so I had sunglasses and sunscreen on but also a hat and plenty of layers as it was still only about 4C. The racing was a short 3 race mini series and maybe showing my rustiness I scored a 3-2-1 sailing my old Laser. Scott sailed better than me and scored 2-1-2, so we all thought he'd won and even when we heard there was a discard, we still thought he'd won. It wasn't until next day that I found that I'd won because discards aren't counted and I had won the last race, so was first overall. I'm not sure why we had a discard, it's probably lost in the mists of time but I didn't feel like I'd won and my Wife is none too pleased as she thinks the trophy is horrible and doesn't want it in the house. But it's strange how rules can throw up these anomalies every now and again and through no fault of anyone involved, can leave us feeling a bit confused. What was brillant was my SuperTherm Longjohn What was brilliant though was my new Rooster SuperTherm long john. I can see me wearing this in the summer too with less layers I hope, as it really is perfect for Scottish conditions. Actually, I can see me having to get another one as my Son has his eyes on it. And for a 4mm wetsuit I'm amazed how flexible and light it is. I've not tested it in the water yet, I'll keep that delight for later.

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