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First proper sail of the season

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
I had my first proper sail of the season yesterday at my club, Dalgety Bay. It was our first event of the year, called the Brass Monkey, for obvious reasons. But the weather was great, 12C, sun and 15 knots and dropping. Perfect for the first of the season. I was a bit rusty but kept it upright, probably because I didn't push it. You can't back off too much in the 300 though, it has to be sailed all the time and if you don't keep working with the boat, you go swimming. I really didn't fancy a swim, the water is very cold just now. I need to get my fitness up next. Even though I cycle 16 miles to and from work, sailing the 300 needs a bit more than that. I'll maybe find some hills to go up. And of course sail more. Only a month to the Scottish Championship. Going to get that new sail ordered too.

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