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Kit Guide

First days with Flame

By 2nd October 2020
Bootphoto 2 Hi I have recently joined Team Rooster, and thought you would like to hear about it! I’ve never had a new boat out of the wrapper before and lots of new kit. Day 1- Dad spoke to Rooster this morning and sorted the boat, sails, spars, bag, clothing and some other necessary stuff. (YAY! new stuff on its way) I think I have a name for my boat but need to see her first (I think I will call her Flame) Day 2 – Why do you have to wait ? Really excited!! Day 3 – Still waiting! Day 4 – Summer kit arrived – off to go try it out as soon as I’ve done that little chore called school. Todays Scores Update School -Yawn 0% Rooster sailing kit -Brilliant 100% Day 5- Got up at 5.00am yesterday morning to collect my new Rooster Devoti Optimist. Really busy day, set up Flame. My little brother has already renamed my old boat “Spitfire” something to do with aeroplanes apparently. The clothing is really good at keeping me warm, I love the fact that it fills with water but i doesn't get cold and wet! Today I wore: Hot top, Hot legs, my fab Superthern Long john, Pro Aquafleece, the wet socks, Pro Laced boots (my feet were all warm, I normally have ice block feet!) and the brilliant Rooster Black Diamond buoyancy aid. I think I understand which settings will work in which winds, although watch this space, off to go do some 2 boat training with Millie. Hopefully I’ll see you at various events this year, Katie B

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