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My First Day Working on a Yacht - by Johnny aged 8

By Sargent 2nd October 2020

Yesterday was my first working day aboard a yacht. Our friends, Malcolm and Rosemarie, needed my help to deliver their yacht, "Curlew", from Emsworth Marina to Thorney Island in Chichester Harbour. I was ready.

Ready in the bosun's chair

We arrived at 9am and had a look around the boat. I was wearing my Rooster Polypro Top and my Aquafleece Beanie. Mummy lengthened my Buoyancy Aid waist strap because I was wearing lots of clothes.

My first job was the springs. I started by un-tying the springs carefully on the jetty. Then I pulled them aboard.

Untying the springs We had a great time sailing out of the Emsworth Marina and through the harbour. I helmed. I helmed Curlew.

When we got to Thorney we had lunch. In my Optimist Zac Attack I have a water bottle and some tuck. In Zoomy, our 2000, we often have a flask of hot drink. But on Curlew, Rosemarie cooked us lovely bacon sandwiches.

Then my biggest job of the day was going up the mast in the bosun's chair to fix a halyard problem. The bosun's chair was so big that we had to put a cushion in so I didn't fall out. Going up took ages but coming down was very quick. It was very exciting and I hope to go up a mast again soon. I managed to fix the problem. Fixing the halyard

Johnny Team Zoomy

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