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Feva Grand Prix At Torbay

By Louis Wright 30th September 2020

On the 7th of September Jamie and I went to Torbay to do a grand prix, as we are working to get into the NJS or zone squad.
This was our first time sailing together since the worlds. As we arrived at Torbay we unpacked the boat in rain and no wind. We were a bit nervous as we were only doing one day of the event.

The postponement flag was hoisted, which meant we had to wait an hour. The sun then came out and the fog started to go. We then felt more confident that we were going to go out. We changed into our kit and had some lunch; the wind was starting to pick up. The postponement flag was dropped, we now had 1 hour until the first warning signal.

Race 1 was a bit of a disaster as we started on the wrong side of the line and then went up the wrong side of the beat. We tacked off and tried to get to the breeze on the left, we had dirty air and were sailing through a hole. We then had to tack off again but we were lifted on this tack and we were now on the lay line. We kept our position down wind and came 25th out of 44.

Race 2 was better as we started on the left because there was more breeze and there were less holes. We were around 20th to the windward mark. We caught up down wind and were 15th to the windward mark. We were happy with this result, as were only 3 places from the NJS.

Race 3 was our best race as we were 10th off the start and we had planned where we were going, we banged right and were 13th round the windward mark. We lost out a place down wind as we followed someone and were then covered by another boat, we gybed off to the mark and rounded it in 14th.

RS Feva 4963

Louis Wright
Jamie Allen

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