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Kit Guide

Favourite Rooster Kit

By 30th September 2020
Photo Credit: Sean McCafferty First & foremost we would like to express our thanks Rooster for their support this year. The gear has been fantastic and we have been really pleased with it. This year myself and Damian Bracken have been campaigning a GP14 so some of the kit we have used may vary to some of the other classes and single handers . There are a few items that have really stood out. I brought the Pro Coastal Jacket to all events and it is brilliant for rigging & derigging when the weather turns sour. We had a wet & cold week for the UK GP14 Nationals up in Largs Sailing Club and I wore it for the entire week when ashore. A small bit of kit that makes a big difference is the Rooster Poly Pro Socks. I wear these inside hiking boots and find they make a huge difference for warmth. However my favorite bit of kit this season has been without doubt the Rooster SuperTherm LongJohn. Despite being advertised as cold weather kit the 4mm neoprene is unrestricive & flexible enough that it can easily be used during the summer months – particularly some of the Irish summer months. It is very comfortable and has some really nice features including the double sided velcro shoulder strap which means unlike many other long johns, the shoulder strap actually stays closed while sailing. It also has a very clever relief flap and other features including the reinforced seat and knee patches and the inner thermal fleece. It is compatible with the Rooster hiking pads which will make it very popular amongst the single-hander classes and can combined with the SuperTherm top in colder weather for even more warmth. We’re planning on sailing through the winter as much as possible and have just ordered some more gear including the Artic Pro Gloves, Hot Socks, Rooster PRO Aquafleece and some neck gaiters. I’ll give some feedback on them when the weather turns really nasty!! Thanks to rooster for the continued support.

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