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My Favourite Rooster Chandlery for 2015

By James Dowrick 2nd October 2020

As we are approaching the end of the year, I thought I would do a blog on my favourite Rooster Chandlery products from this year. Last year I did a blog about my favourite Rooster sailing kit. As usual I am impressed and have loved using every single item from Rooster, so narrowing it down to just 5 products was going to need much consideration, but I think I've managed it.

So here are my favourite Rooster Chandlery items for 2015:

In at number 5 is the new Rooster Sail Tidy. Brilliant yet so simple. Have you ever struggled to keep your sail rolled tight enough to fit inside your sail bag? I know I certainly have! The sail tidy is a simple piece of spandex which you pull over the end of your jib or mainsail to stop it from unfurling during storage.IMG_3357

I find it great for Laser sails too, although the Laser sail is just made from Dacron cloth, the sail bags from Laser have a really small opening but the sail tidy holds the head of the sail in tight so you can slide it in the bag with ease.

Obviously a short piece of rope or sail ribbon sort of performs the same function, but what it does do is crease the sail affecting performance and you need 2 people, one to hold the sail whilst the other ties the knot.

That is why the Rooster Sail Tidy is so useful to have around in the dinghy park. It comes in 2 sizes and is a bargain at £2.95.

Number 4 is an item I use every time I'm coaching, the Rooster Waterproof Phone Case. This is the first case that I have found that not only works as it should do but it looks cool. It's great when I am in the coach boat as I can have the RYA coaching handbook on screen to help me when running sessions. The secure lanyard around the neck gives me the confidence that I won't drop it overboard. IMG_3361The well made seals and tight clasp mean that you don't need to worry about any water ingress. Its got a small window on the back that your camera can shoot through which is great when your GoPro runs out of battery.

Also the large window on the front is perfect for reading what's on screen. A great accessory for anyone with expensive smartphones around the water.

On to number 3, I have chosen the Combination Foil Bag for the Laser. This bag is great. It is a Laser sailors best friend when packing the boat away after a days sailing, as many of you know the Laser has lots of parts that don't stay rigged on the boat; downhaul, battens & mainsheet to name a few. The bag has ample room for all your bits & bobs plus designated slots for the tiller & extension, centreboard and rudder.

My favourite two features on this bag are the microfibre lined interior which is so important when storing your precious Laser foils, remember its the foils that make all the difference in a Laser. IMG_3364It protects them from banging together when your are carrying them around. The ultra large mesh pocket is very useful as you can see everything you have in there which makes searching for something really easy as you can see everything without having to trawl through the pocket.

The bag is so well made it means you can pack it full of bits and bobs no matter how heavy without worrying about the handles breaking.

This is where it the contest really heats up, my top two products! These two items made by Rooster are used by Olympic sailors all over the world as well as about 70% of club level sailors.

So in at number 2 is the Polilite Mainsheet. The rope that comes in 3 different sizes and 4 different colours. This rope is quite simply brilliant. It's manufactured very tight which means that there is very little slipping from the inside core. IMG_3362

The outer cover is strong, comfortable yet incredibly grippy and it's easy to tie knots with.

The splashes of colour in the outer cover makes it stand out from the crowd. I've been using the Polilite sheet for a long time now and on lots of different boats because I love it. When sailing a Laser I use the 6mm in the light winds as it runs super smoothly through the harken blocks and is very lightweight for extra feel. IMG_3365The 7mm is used for the windy days, the extra dimension adds more grip and softness for extra comfort in the big breeze. My Dad uses the 9mm for his RS400 mainsheet and says that the bigger size is great for the large sail area on the RS400. Well done Steve for coming up with yet another great product used worldwide.

My number 1 and favourite item of Rooster Chandlery for 2015 is The Rooster Carbon Tiller Extension. For me this is the best carbon extension on the market and that all starts in the manufacturing process. They are made on a metal mandrel, the uni directional fibres gives the core strength but the additional strength comes from a 45 degree twist of extra fibres around the outside, they are then tape wrapped and cooked to produce a super strong yet lightweight tiller extension. Another good feature is the stopper at the end which not only looks quirky but is also great for making sure your hand can't slip off the end. IMG_3358I use my 19mm tiller extension on every boat I sail, mainly because I love that the 19mm extension fits perfectly in between my thumb and the bottom of my index finger which leaves me a whole hand for sheeting the sheet in and letting out which is incredibly important at mark roundings and easing the sheet through the gusts to keep the power on.

Remember there are many gains to be made at mark roundings so the last thing you want to be doing is faffing with the mainsheet. The Rooster Carbon Tiller Extension takes the worries away.

So there we have it, my favourite Rooster Chandlery for 2015. Hopefully Rooster launch some new products next year and you never know they might make it in to my top 5 for 2016. You'll just have to wait and see.

I wish you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year.

Good Sailing,

James Dowrick

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