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Eric Twiname RYA Zone Championships

By Louis Wright 2nd October 2020
On the 9th of May, Jamie and I were at Rutland for the Eric Twiname RYA Zone championship. On the first day it was very breezy and gusty. It was postponed for three hours, in that time the coaches put together a circuit of games for us to play. The wind died down to around 20 gusting 24 knots so we rigged up and launched and were the first ones out on to the course. The first race started well, we had a good start and had clean air, rounding the windward mark in 2nd place. We hoisted the kite, but unfortunately it was twisted which meant that we then had to do two quick gybes to untwist it. This lost us two places, rounding the gybe mark in 4th. We decided to take a risk and go high and fast, this gained us two places but just as we had caught up our shroud popped out leaving us with only one shroud. We rounded the leeward mark in 3rd. The next upwind leg was hard work, as we had to re attach the shroud. We ended up coming 3rd . We only managed to fit in 1 race on the first day, which meant we were 3rd overnight. We had an early night as we had an early start in the morning. We launched at 10 feeling ready to go. We started well with a good start we were 3rd round the windward mark, we were nervous about hoisting but we hoisted with the spinnaker twist free. We caught up down wind by getting the inside lane, rounding the leeward mark in 1st. We kept our position and ended up finishing in 1st. Our 2nd race didn’t go too well as we thought we were over the line . So we went back round and ended up rounding the leeward mark in 10th. We caught up and ended up rounding the mark in 8th, we dropped the kite and managed to just overtake two more boats on the bottom reach. We finished in 6th. There was a lot of pressure on us on the last race, as we knew that if we won this race we would win the event. We were first off the start in clean air and by the committee boat. The right hand side was favoured so we tacked off to the right. We played the shifts and rounded the mark in first with a big lead. We extended our lead downwind, sailing the race with ease. We were so happy we started singing on the bottom reach. We finished the race in first with a large lead. This was an amazing weekend where Jamie and I felt like a real team. We made some silly mistakes but overcame these on the water. We have gained confidence from this event and are looking to do well in future events. We will be double checking our shrouds in future and taping in the fast pins. Feva 4963 Louis Wright Jamie Allen IMG_2579DSCF2914

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