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End of Season

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
Yesterday the Scottish RS200, 400 and 300s had and end of season sail and party at Dalgety. You wouldn't believe the weather for November in Scotland. Sun and a nice F2. I had to dig out my sunnies, usually we're digging out the extra thermals by this time, or even the car from a snow drift We did 2 45 minute races then a couple of short ones to finish. Things got a bit out of hand on the startline of the final race when Neil Bev got in my way and I managed to sail my boat over his transom. The only response was of course a boarding party to capsize Neil, then a quick swim back to my boat, which had fallen over onto John Wilson. For some reason I got disqualified from that race. Surely that counts as "minor and unavoidable"? We also made a start on deciding our events for next year, which looks like being Loch Tay in April, Dalgety in May, Largo Bay for the Scottish in June, then Prestwick in August. We are hoping to get to Channonry too if possible. Should be good.

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