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Kit Guide

Emperor's new mainsheet!

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020

During the month of may I was at a Topper event where the wind was nowhere to be seen requiring me to use my lighter main-sheet but just in case the wind grew I gave my thicker Rooster Polilite main-sheet to my Dad in the rescue boat thinking it would be safe. At the end of the weekend we left unaware of the main-sheet still being in the rescue boat. With the vouchers I had won earlier in the season burning a hole in my pockets I decided to buy a new main-sheet and I splashed out on a Excel Fusion, a truly posh piece of kit. When it arrived it was everything I had excepted, it was soft, light and easy to handle and it came in a rather stunning red colour. However it soon became apparent that it was deteriorating quickly but worse of all during pre-start in very windy weather the rope was so light it managed to lasso itself to the boom end fitting making the race impossible to start. Now six months later after only using it for events it is stiff and a mottled pink. I would not say it was a bad rope but I do not think it is necessary for a Topper whereas in a high performance boat it may give you the edge. I have now bought a new Rooster Polilite main-sheet to replace the Excel fusion and saved myself £3 per meter and I know it will last me at least a season so I guess I am back to square 1 but just a bit poorer!

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