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Double Dame Design Award Nominations for Rooster®

By Emma Ralph 2nd October 2020
We are very excited to announce our product nominations for the 2018 Dame Design Award, Clothing and crew Accessories; our new Women's Thermaflex® Shorts and, coming soon, our ExofleeceTM neoprene-free two-piece sailing wetsuit. The DAME - Design Award is the most significant marine equipment competition of its kind. For 28 years, it has focused attention on the art and science of design in all aspects, from styling, functionality and innovation, through to ease of implementation, practicality of use – and even packaging. It is judged by a panel of top naval architects, boat, interior and industrial designers, plus user experts. To be nominated and then to win a DAME Category and attain the ultimate prize of DAME Award Overall Winner marks a product as being at the pinnacle of design practice in the industry. Women's Thermaflex® Shorts Our new Women's range was released this summer, “We wanted to design something that would give all women the confidence to get out on the water,” noted Rooster product designer, Kate Sargent. Rooster have been working tirelessly to innovate a range of kit for women who live to sail, surf, paddle and ride, completely in their element, Read The Full Article on the New Range here. Function meets style in the Women’s Thermaflex® Shorts, to ensure wet sportswomen of all shapes can be protected in style from the elements. At a competitive price of £65. We worked with a specific women’s group to ensure the garment fit a wide range of shapes whilst also giving them the fashion element they desired. Specifically developed for dinghy sailing, however, not exclusive crossing over to other watersports, increases its use. Development stages saw work with a select and diverse group of women from a local initiative to boost confidence in themselves, the sport and their body image and ultimately increase participation in the sport. The panel layout of the shorts gives maximum comfort and style. High stretch black panels at the sides create a slimming illusion and enable a flexible fit for a range of hips, complemented by a grey front panel, slightly curved to narrowing the body size. The unique waistband has a double height option; worn high it both covers the stomach and protects the back, and turned down for low waist height option reveals the inner logo. A secondary drawcord closure allows complete securement to the waist. Blue fabric at the back of the waistband is a signature tying it into the range. Two Other features include a soft plush lining on the inner surface of the seat panel for use with hike pads reinforced by Duratex IITM on the exterior. This extends the use of the product to cross over into hiking boats. Fabrics have been selected for comfort, stretch, and durability. Low pile wicking lining is used throughout to provide anti-irritation. Light colours in areas that may be subdued to the hot sun maximise function. The subtle colours combined with aesthetic colour flashes make the shorts inclusive to be worn in combination with competitors clothing with no problem. This development has culminated a resilient range of neoprene garments along with both winter and summer base layers. A 1.5mm Thermaflex® top, Thermaflex® longjohns and Thermaflex® shorts, and a Supertherm® 4mm top and Supertherm® longjohns to add to our best-selling Supertherm® Range. Featuring our quick-dry thermal lining, the 4mm Supertherm® can pack a bigger punch than any conventional 5/4mm single piece wetsuit. Through layering, you can create a full 8mm of warmth across your core if needed with much less restriction in your dexterity of movement in your arms and legs. The collection has been designed so that different combinations can be worn to suit any condition, whatever the weather. ExofleeceTM Top and ExofleeceTM LongJohn Coming Soon to Rooster® is the ExofleeceTM combo, delivering a 100% neoprene-free two-piece sailing wetsuit which can be used by high-performance dinghy sailors with a neoprene allergy. At a price point of £220 for the set, it becomes an accessible option for all and highly competitive with comparable neoprene garments. Innovative body panel layouts have been used to ensure manoeuvrability and best fit for a range of body types. Bespoke materials have been used where required to give the wearer the closest replication of the freedom, protection and warmth of a neoprene suit. Reinforcement material at the knee and seat panels have been developed with a materials technology lab. Using a lightweight open cell synthetic sponge, bonded between a soft plush lining and a durable but flexible outer, its construction mimics its neoprene equivalent. The synthetic sponge does not use the accelerants used in neoprene manufacture that trigger allergic reactions making this is a safe alternative to neoprene. The outer material is a mix of polyester and elastane giving the garment a ladder free stretchy exterior that protects from the harshest of deck surfaces while the soft plush lining enables the user to attach hiking and knee pads as required by competitive dinghy sailors. These layers combined produce 3.5mm of cushioning to enhance performance and comfort in these key high abrasion areas. The four-way stretch 1.2mm breathable membrane used in the main body of the suit provides appropriate thermal regulation; its soft pile fleece lining wicks away excess moisture from the skin and its durable water repellent treatment minimises water absorption which reduces wind chill. Hi-stretch, naturally hydrophobic Polypropylene is used under the arms and at the cuffs to add comfort and breathability. The integrated cuff thumb loops extend protection over the wrists and facilitate effortless layering. This suit has been successfully tested by sailors with a severe allergy to Neoprene and they did not want to give it back.

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