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DOT Report - Bart's Bash

By 2nd October 2020
Draycote held a pursuit race on Sunday morning which was the Bart’s Bash Pursuit Race, we did 3 laps of the course and the Youth and Junior classes were last off the water. I was a bit down, I felt it was unfair for all the Y&J boats starting first and ending last, but it is such a good cause and my favorite charity, and a big bowl of chips made all the difference. There was a bouncy castle on shore for little people. Then it was the turn of the Youth and Junior teams. We all got into pairs, located a club Pico, rigged it and prepared … Millie and I decided to put a jib on ours, swiftly followed by other teams! They had set us an obstacle course!!!!!! The course consisted of the following: - sail to the fun boat, the crew had to get on to it and get a ball, sail to the next boat standing up, collect another ball. Sail backwards downwind to the Tera Wobbly bridge, crew to cross the bridge collect a ball after Not falling off the bridge, then we had to sail round the red buoy and repeat 3 times. We did a bit of a detour and collected the some additional balls dropped by Harry and Harrison, well we didn’t want them winning did we? The plastic bag was an inspired idea, nobody had thought of how to keep the balls in their boat except us. On the 4th lap on top of the normal course there was a Boat Limbo Obstacle. This involves limbo under a rope, on the water, complete with your Pico. There was another boat there, we steamed in, got in front of them, and capsized too early! We tried again and drifted under the finish line FIRST!!!! Team Optimist won! Everyone was very competitive, well done to all! At the prize giving there was a BIG SHOCK! I had won the DWSC Bart’s Bash Pursuit Race, it was to do with the PY, wind strength……………. YYYYYEEEEHHH! I won a signed copy of Robin Knox-Johnston’s Book. Sooo Proud. We checked the results list this morning I am on page 6! I guess this will change when all the results are in. Great finish to the weekend, see you at the Optimist EOS in Weymouth on the 10th October. Katie B (6370)

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