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Kit Guide

Dinghy Show 2018 - Wash Up.

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
At first I was surprised to see so many sailors making the journey to Ali Pali with amber snow warnings in the South East and the BBC telling everyone to stay at home. On reflection, I realised that sailors manage risk every day on the water. Can I cross that starboard tacker, should I start at the biased end with my transit, do you think its safe to go racing- etc etc. Frankly risk management is key to a safe and successful sailing career and is probably the strongest lesson we learn in the sport. Ahead of International Women's Day yesterday, we were proud to be displaying our brand new ladies range at the show. The kit, which is the brainchild of female designer Kate Sargent, has also been created with input from a team of sailors and the valued female staff members within the Rooster team. The new ladies range consists of:

Ladies Thermaflex® shorts, Ladies Thermaflex® longjohn Ladies Thermaflex Top® Ladies Supertherm Top Ladies Supertherm® Longjohn

All of which will be available in May. Steve and Kate also presented the new catchy named Pro Compression Bib with its knife pocket, the new Coastal Range and some news on the harness development. Lots going on at Rooster®. A massive team effort went into building presenting the stand in some rather testing weather conditions. I have to say meeting our customers always makes the effort worthwhile. One family; Nikki (mum), Mike (Dad) Leah, Owen & Rhys Fidling, in particular even before the show were sharing their news about their Rooster they had named Steve. Emma suggested they would get some extra discount if they brought their Rooster to the show. So of course they turned up with a large chicken friendly box.
We all stood back a little afraid but were encouraged by the family to take a look.
Dinghy Show 2018-9774 Emma was the only one of us brave enough to open the box.
Surprise Phew - 'Steve' is a stuffed Rooster :)
Two Roosters called Steve Two Roosters called Steve.

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