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Dan Perkins Reflects On His First National Series Race Win

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020

On the 29th April 2017, I went to the Topper Inland Championship at Grafham Water. My dad woke me up at 4am, so we could get up to the event in time.

I knew I had an advantage on the first day, due to lighter winds. I kicked the weekend off with a win (MY FIRST EVER 1st!). This is what helped me to achieve that:

Boat Prep:

Preparing your boat makes it faster and more reliable.

  • Give your boat a good clean - you should be able to see your reflection on the hull
  • Foils must be shaped, sanded down and cleaned thoroughly
  • Re-tie all your knots - this may not seem important but it makes your boat more reliable

On the course:

  • Don’t go out to the corners, if you get to the lay line too early and get headed, it’s a long way back into the middle of the course and your race is pretty much over
  • Tack on the shifts - look at the compass numbers
  • Get a good start
  • Get your mark roundings as good as possible, you gain so much from them

The second day wasn’t so good as my boat suffered damage when another competitor went into the back of me and broke my deck eye. When I returned to shore I was met by a load of Dads with tool boxes running towards me to help fix my boat quickly!

Finally, I’d like to thank Rooster for sponsoring me and also Simon Jones for bringing my boat to the event.

Dan Perkins

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