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Dalgety Regatta

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
So after a slow start this year, I finally got my first regatta of the year in, after the aborted attempt at Largo Bay when the committee boat started sinking. Dalgety is my home club and we had been working hard to encourage our Laser sailing members to get out and sail in our regatta. We regularly get a dozen or more mixed rigs out for club sailing and we managed to replicate this and more for the regatta, even though the weather was not the best. It was a bit dull and damp and although the wind for me was great, it was blowing up a bit hard for the less experienced sailors, especially on Sunday when it got over 20 knots. But sailing is so much about taking the opportunity to get out there and have fun. We certainly achieved this and it showed many of our sailors that they can do regattas. What also quickly became apparent was the impact our great turn out was having on our visitors, with several commenting to me that the enthusiasm of the club and the great welcome had convinced them that it was a great place to come back to. That was good the hear as we have had a difficult few years with pollution problems thanks to the MOD burying aeroplane bits 50 years ago, so it's good to know our efforts are gaining some reward. Personally, although I sailed reasonable well, I did sail pretty quickly, which made up for my mistakes. I do like it when it gets windy and waves make it even better. We get really nice waves when the wind blows in from the east and when the tide goes out they get steeper and definitely more interesting. The full rig fleet has become much more competitive in Scotland this year due to several fast Radial sailors moving into the full rig and this gave us some great racing. Ian McLauchlin was unstoppable though and sailed very well, giving us all a doing. I was second overall, which I was very happy with, given my lack of sailing so far this year. Pete Malcolm was always there, consistent as ever and still going fast. And with Calum Tait and Andrew McGowan showing what they can do, we are going to have some fantastic events this year.

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