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Kit Guide

Cross Curricular Aquafleece

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

Last weekend I went off to Benmore Outdoor Centre near Dunoon with a party of our senior pupils to do all sorts of outdoor things in the rain, because it usually rains in the west of Scotland. So I packed my pro aquafleece and polypro to try and keep me dry. So canoeing was great and although it didn't rain, my aquafleece kept me warm enough. I kept my aquafleece on for the gorge walk, which is basically a walk up a steep bit of a river while all the water flows down it. And there was a lot of water due to the rain. I kept it on for the high ropes too as it was now blowing a gale as well as raining and it was brilliant again. Nice to see a great bit of sailing kit can be a great bit of waterproof kit elsewhere and several of the instructors were very impressed too. So I left the web address for them.

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