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Confessions of an Optimist sailor

By Rooster Sailing 2nd October 2020

I am totally and utterly fed up of light winds.

Apart from a couple of highlights - including winning a race at the inlands - the lack of wind so far this season has been really getting on my nerves. I know we are supposed to be good in all conditions and not have a favourite, but having pretty much light winds - or no wind - all of the time is a bit annoying. Having survived a winter of squad training in sub-zero temperatures and snow, I was really up for getting out there for some great racing. But having finally grown big enough to be the right size for my Oppie in a big breeze, after years of being too small and capsizing plenty, it's been non-stop battling to stay ahead of smaller people. Come on wind gods, where are you?! Luckily I've been practising my light wind tacks - you can see one of my best ones with a breakdown on how it's done on dad's YouTube channel, Steve Irish Coaching It's been handy at countless events, along with Rooster's layering system so that when it's getting too hot on the water, I've at least been able to adjust my kit to keep cool. Even if I don't always keep my cool when the fleet closes up and catches up in Zephyr! But whatever the wind decides to do next, I'm now looking forward to a busy summer season and the nationals at Pwllheli in August. Off to Calshot Activities Centre next for summer squad. The wind forecast? Yep that's right, less than 5 knots. Arrghh! Wherever you're sailing this summer, have fun and stay cool! x Millie

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