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Cold Loch Earn

By Ian Baillie 2nd October 2020
It was the first of the Laser Scottish Travellers for this season last weekend, over at Loch Earn. Most significantly it was Pete Malcolm's 250th Scottish Laser Travellers event. He has been sailing Lasers since 1982 and has hardly missed an event since, winning a good number of them, especially in windy shifty conditions. It's probably something that will never be bettered and is worth recognising and thanking Pete for all the work, help and encouragement he has given to the Laser class in Scotland. As for the event, it was cold, particularly on the Sunday, with sleet, snow and hail showers coming down from the mountains, giving squalls and 360 degree windshifts. Saturday was windier but had mere 90 degree windshifts that made the sailing interestingly intense. The water temperature was quoted as being 4C but the locals said that was being a bit optimistic and with the air temperature not being much better, I got well wrapped up. I had on my SuperThem long john with 2 aquafleeces and my favourite aquafleece balaclava and was fine apart from my fingers, which got really cold, despite the winter pro gloves. I think I sailed quite well too, not as quick as I was by the end of last year but I haven't sailed much yet. I made sure I stayed safe, no big risks, didn't fall in and ended 2nd overall, which I was pretty pleased with. Iain McLauchlan still looks like the man to beat this year but with 4 different race winners over the weekend, it looks like being a good year for close racing on the Scottish circuit. Pete almost won a race or two but not quite and finished 4th. As long as he can still get his boots on to go sailing he will be there and I can sympathise with putting on sailing boots on the Sunday morning after a windy Saturday. Ian Baillie

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