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Chilly Squad Weekend

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
Hi all, I'm Rachel and I sail a 420 with Sophie, and although we have only been together for a few months, we have already been selected for the Scottish 420 Squad, and are thankful to become members of Team Rooster Last weekend, we were training in the Largs channel with the squad, and our focus for the 2 days was downwind sailing, namely gybing and spinnaker hoists. Luckily on Saturday we managed to practice exactly that when we did a very long downwind to the other side of the channel, putting in many gybes and 360°s. It was a pretty chilly day, but fortunately I had my new Rooster Arctic Pro Gloves, which were lovely and warm in the cold Scottish weather. My hands were sweating! In the evening we had a lovely surprise when Olympic medalist Luke Patience dropped in on our theory session, and gave us tonnes of useful and interesting advice regarding windward mark roundings. Needless to say, it was very impressive and he pointed out loads of new things to us. The next morning, there was another surprise, although not as pleasant: after I went to bed the previous night, everyone else had agreed on doing an early morning session before breakfast. Despite getting woken up an hour earlier than I had expected, by 7:30 we launched when it was still dark, andwe managed to put in a good hour long session of reaches and hoists before coming ashore for breakfast. The morning and afternoon were dedicated to starts and trigger pulls, and we even teamed up with the Laser squad at one point to do some racing. On top of that, we did blindfolded sailing, with very interesting results. Overall, we had a great weekend and I had the perfect opportunity to try out my new Rooster SuperTherm Top and Longjohns, which, despite the cold winter weather, kept me warm and toasty, and with only one layer underneath too!! Rachel Mawer

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