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Busy sailing.....

By Sargent 30th September 2020
Well that's the trouble with this time of year: having too much fun on the water to write about it! Since we last blogged here Clare has had a short notice place on a Dinghy Instructor's Course, and had a fabulous, if hard working week. I've been out with a bunch of near or actual novices in Picos racing for my regiment in a regatta, and I was also lucky enough to steer a J80 at the Inter-Service Match-Racing Champs against some old and new friends from the Navy and the RAF (With some terrific Rooster prizes - thanks Steve, team delighted with their kit bags - my jib trimmer, in his first proper season said "I'll have to buy some kit to fill it now!"). In between all that we've been club racing and Open meeting sailing in the 2000. The event at Lee on Solent was notable for the arrival of the first LDC 2000s and great looking boats they were. But the highlight undoubtedly came on Sunday at the Thorney Island Sailing Club Regatta. 47 boats of various classes racing. Clare took one of the kids Teras and finished second in a 3 hour marathon against a Drascombe Yawl, a couple of other similar boats, a Topper and a Miracle - her first race helming for years - she was going really well. I took both the kids in Zoomy, the 2000. Short tacking on the channel edges against the tide before we had worked out who was doing what was a challenge, but we had lots of fun on the long run down towards Itchenor, and the beat back. I felt for the Laser sailor we ran home next too....clearly distracted by the kids' discussion of who was in front (they settled on us because the bowsprit stuck out!). Results didn't matter (actually they are as competitive as us and were OK about 8th given that it was their first race without Mummy - pressure definitely on Daddy to get them closer to the chocolates next time). After 2 hours of racing they wanted to know when we could get the Teras out again, and were walking very tall (for a 5 and 7 year old!). So if the forecast holds it's wading in the shallows for Clare and me on Sunday at HW.....

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