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Kit Guide

Built on a Passion, Not a Podium

By Emma Ralph 2nd October 2020

Rooster®, founded by Steve Cockerill in November 1999, emerging from sailing clubs and boat parks across the world; combining his passion for developing sailing kit that works with his enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge amassed from two Olympic Campaigns.

Embracing the eccentricity of his surname, Cockerill set out to catalyse a way of making sailing more inclusive. Driving participation, stimulating the growth of the sport and making quality performance kit an accessible option for all.

Many of the left field ideas brought to market were ideally matched to Steve’s ethos. Together the Team have bought hiking shorts and Aquafleece® into the mainstream, becoming the cornerstones of where the brand stands to this day.

Our very origin is innovation and challenging the system, not just a brand; but products delivered by sailors, for sailors, helping you get the most out of your experience, In Your Element.

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