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Breeze up... Lets go!!

By 2nd October 2020
This weekend was the first Scorpion open of the circuit, and it was almost over before it started. Having checked the forecast all week, the predictions of 30-45mph wind were enough to put off the most hardy of Northerners. Especially as having recently bought my first house and also campaigning the Flying Fifteen for the worlds this year, there has been little opportunity for Chris and I to train over the winter. It looked like another weekend that we were going to miss out. This was until I thought back to an article by Nick Craig I read recently in which he described how he manages to be so successful in multiple classes, whilst holding down a full time job and making time for his family. The main thing I took out of the article was to make a plan at the beginning of the season and while there is no substitute for time in the boat, if you lose any due to the conditions then there is nothing you can do about it, so move on and stick to the plan. Ultimately across the different classes you will be getting a decent amount of valuable practice. With this in mind we decided that this weekend was in the plan so we'd pack up the boat and our kit, and head down to Derbyshire in case there was a possibility to get on the water... stick to the plan. On arrival at the club it was clear the the conditions were on the breezy end of what most clubs would race in but that as one of this seasons Silver Scorpion Series events and with full adjustable raking rigs, it wasn't enough to stop us sailing. We'd discussed on the way down that as we'd probably done less winter practice than most of the main contenders we'd concentrate on our processes and use the event as a training session, not worrying too much about the result. The club put in a great effort, managing to complete 4 races on Saturday and 2 more on Sunday before the worst of the weather hit full strength. As it turned out even if our preparations weren't up to what we'd normally want, our attitude for the weekend and fitness work pulled us through to score 4 race wins and take the open meeting. Possibly also helped out by the sailing we had done over the winter being in similar conditions. Scorpion Winter Training httpvh:// Despite the conditions, particularly with Sunday being 6 degrees and wild breeze we certainly benefited from having the right kit, with our concentration never reduced by cold or maneuverability hampered by bulky kit. We were both using our Rooster Supertherm longjohns, polypro tops and aquafleeces and Chris raved later in the changing rooms about his Rooster shin pads saving him from the usual Scorpion crew bruises. Looking forward to getting stuck into the sailing over the next few weeks, with much more time in the boat... next stop Flying Fifteen open meeting at Dovestone SC. Andy McKee

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