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Breeze on in Toulon, Submarines Stop Play and Winning in Monaco!

By 2nd October 2020
Iona: Optimist Interligue, Toulon, France. In the autumn holiday there was a sailing competition that I went to. It was an interligue for Southern France. There were about 200 optimists that travelled to Toulon for this regatta, including some Swiss, Italian and German boats. On the first day there was no wind and so we didn’t sail. We stayed ashore and played with our friends. We only got one race in on the second day and I finished 8th in the minime (senior) fleet. We couldn’t do a second one because a big submarine came through our sailing area. We had to leave the area but the submarine took a long time to pass and it was already late. On the third day it was very windy so the younger ones couldn’t sail as many races as the senior fleet. In the first two races I finished 9th and 8th. In the third one I was over the line and in the last race in the middle of the run my kicker broke. I finished almost last in that race because of it, but at least I did manage to finish minus the kicker! It was a really fun event even if I did not do so well in the overall results, because I had to count my race with the broken kicker. My brother Callum finished 4th overall in the Benjamin (junior) fleet. We got some good photos! Iona Ready to gybe

Ready to gybe




Big wind!


My brother Callum racing in the junior fleet

Callum: Winning in Monaco!

On Sunday 11th October, there was an Optimist Regatta in Monaco. In the morning, my family and I went to the regatta. When we arrived none of our team was there, but soon the others began to arrive. We registered and got our boats rigged ready to go. Then we headed out on the water, and started to sail up to our startline. The first start was for the senior fleet, and then it was my start (in the junior fleet). I was slightly over the line at the start and had to go back. I was last but it paid to go right and so I tacked off and went right. Everyone started heading right, and I ended up ahead except for one boat who had tacked off right really early. I held 2nd place for the whole race. In the second race I wasn’t over the line but my start wasn’t very good. I managed to catch up to 2nd. On the reach I even caught up to 1st and won the race. In the third race I finished 3rd. Overall I finished 1st and was very happy. Our club did well, we took all three places on the podium for the junior fleet. Callum
Junior fleet prize giving Monaco

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