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Bart's Bash & RS Feva Volvo Grand Prix

By 2nd October 2020

Draycote Water Bart’s Bash & RS Feva Volvo Grand Prix 2016

It's finally happened, the summer is coming to an end, the happy days out on the water sailing until the sun goes down have finished and everyone is back to school.

I have had a really great summer sailing many different boats. The 420 newbie training at Draycote with Tim Rush was hard work but really rewarding. I definitely got some top tips on boat handling, Tim was really helpful with rigging and advice about our boats also. Thank you to Elizabeth Cattermole for crewing for me as I don’t have a crew for the 420 yet. We did really well and I enjoyed the friendly but competitive nature of all the other sailors involved.

Phoebe returned from Santander, where unfortunately she was unable to compete due to injury. As soon as she got home we started training together at Draycote. The wind conditions were light to moderate during these sessions.

On Sunday 11th September, Draycote held its annual Club Regatta and Bart’s Bash. We had special dispensation as we have a large Topper event running on the 18th. The pursuit was held in the morning and the final winner was Jack Lewis in a Laser Radial - I was unable to win 2 years on the run, well done to Jack.

Phoebe and I took part in the Y&J obstacle course/race which involves sailing up to various obstacles, climbing on to and over boats etc, collecting plastic balls, balancing over floating bridges and at the end you have to limbo under a rope complete with your boat which takes a while to master. We won after watching some pretty astounding capsizing…. Pitch-poling a Pico in little or no wind - now that was something else! We spent the remainder of the day exploring exactly how many ways you could capsize a pico :-)

Our first competitive sailing event was the Draycote Water Grand Prix on the 3rd and 4th September, 40 boat’s entered. We spent Friday evening sailing at the Club and trying to work out what the wind was doing. It was definitely doing its own thing!

Saturday's racing was enjoyable and in winds we had practised in, we got a 7th in the first race and 8th in race 2. Then the wind really stared to blow. We had a capsize towards the end of the race which we brought up only for the boat to get knocked straight back over, I think the jib was cleated or maybe the mainsheet was tangled. We did eventually finish race 3.

Sunday's sailing was windy and we have not had much of a chance to practice in windy conditions. It took us time to get comfortable and to start to work out some timings and help each other around the boat. A 24th and a 25th were followed by a 15th race finish. We were just starting to get things in the boat right and had worked out a decent set up, when the racing finished for the day.

Our overall position was 17th and 2nd all girl crew. Our next event will be the Volvo Grand Prix at Exe Sailing Club on the 8th and 9th October in the Feva, a whole new experience for us wind, tide and waves. :-?

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