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Bart's Bash at Dalgety

By Ian Baillie 2nd October 2020

We held our Bart's Bash at Dalgety yesterday, which was a great success and ended a weekend of great sailing, with the emphasis on newcomers, novice and youth sailors.

I sailed the Skiff, which was my first race in it, starting with the asymmetrics and keelboats, which was good as it took us well away from the crowd and I could settle to just sailing and not too much avoiding. The wind looked brilliant just before the start but fell away until it was only just trapezing weather but causing my legs to ache. I'd forgotten about that and struggled to find somewhere to put my feet. The wind dropped more though, which meant I could stand up, much more comfortable and a nice view. Just as we finished, up comes the wind again, so I stayed out for a bit of practice.

I had spent a bit of time with Ian Renilson going through tacking and gybing on land, with the boat tied down, so I had plenty to try out. Even though I knew what to do, it's not ingrained yet and it takes a leap of faith to find out that you can actually stand up on the end of the rack before tacking and the boat won't crash (yet). After the first two or three, that work as hoped, I felt I had taken a big step up the learning curve. Gybing still has a bit to go to work out how to make do with two hands where obviously three or four are needed. I have to admit to standing in the shower afterwords, "gybing" in my head.

Saturday had been our last Special Saturday for this year and we had about 20 boats out, with a wide range of ages and abilities, first timers to Topper squaddies. Great weather, a bit of wind, almost too much for the younger ones, plenty of sweety rewards and bucket loads of fun. The Ball Scramble Race got a bit manic too, lots of wet people and all the balls collected really quickly. But it's good to see our focus on junior, youth and novice sailing is really starting to show in the club, which has to be a good thing.

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