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Bad Weather

By Ian Baillie 2nd October 2020
I had hoped I would have been doing a good deal of sailing and been really getting into the season. Instead I seem to be spending far too much time watching the wind blown water cancelling another sailing day. It was meant to be the East Lothian regatta last weekend but with 50+ gusts on the Saturday and 30ish on the Sunday, it just wasn't going to happen. Thanks to email and Facebook, the club had informed everyone by 9am that the day was off but with the wind trying to blow my house down at the time I wasn't even going to travel. Even the dog refused to go out. It was better on Sunday and sunny too. But you know the feeling you get when you come round the corner and see the water for the first time and you know what it's going to be like? You could see it was very windy and probably too much but the forecast was to drop, so maybe. But it didn't and quite correctly the club called it all off. However, I could get back to Dalgety in time for club racing and if the wind did drop then the day might turn out fine, which it didn't because it was every bit as windy but at least I won't have to fight towing my boat through the rush hour traffic on Wednesday evening. We have only managed one Sunday in the last seven weekends because of high winds and our Tuesday training has been decimated, although they are getting very good at tying knots. The Wednesday evening is about the only sailing that hasn't been affected by adverse weather. And although it's been very sunny, our solar panels are doing very well, it's still cold. I'm still making good use of my ThemaFlex and wearing more than I did in November. Hope we are due a good summer then or is El Nino going to do us in? Ian Baillie

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