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Back sailing again

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
So after a bit of an enforced break, due to me getting my eyes fixed, I had my first sail of the year last weekend. I had to scrape the frost off the car to get there but as we stay well up a hill I was sure it would be warmer (?) at Dalgety. And it was, at a balmy 3C, which is about normal for January up here, with a nice 10knots and clear sunny skies. We have a small group of keen Laser sailors who just enjoy getting out sailing and this was an ideal opportunity, which doesn't come too often in the middle of a Scottish winter. There were three of us, myself, Ian Renilson and Emma Brisley, we formed a plan of what we wanted to do, then got on with it. Plenty of tacking, gybing and boat handling, which kept us warm and interested, great fun. Our RIB driver (yet another Iain) took a few pictures of us and they made it looked like a nice summer evening with the low sun and light wind. Two hours later, we came back in and the coldest bit of the day was packing up the boat. My Rooster hiking boots are fantastic in the boat but the thin soles make them cold on the ground, maybe I need some Hot Socks. It's amazing how the first sail for ages really gets my enthusiasm sky high. I was hoping this weekend would be good for sailing but the snow wind and cold has cancelled that idea. Still, there is always next week to hope for.

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