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Back sailing again

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
I'm gradually getting back to fitness after having to stay off all exercise for 6 weeks. It's easy to forget how physical the RS300 actually is until you lose your fitness. My first race back was a windy and shifty evening club race at Dalgety. It's pretty competitive at Dalgety and all the fleets go together, so we had a general recall, which isn't unusual, before we all got away. But half way up the first beat I was struggling. My legs and arms were aching and my heart rate was well up with the constant big trimming required for the shifts and gusts. It's a tough boat aerobically too. Downwind was a bit wild at times but luckily I have been sailing the 300 long enough to be able to back off safely. It's not something that is easy to do as the 300 requires a good deal of commitment downwind or it gets fed up and throws you off. Next day, it was a bit painful going down the stairs but I cycled to work, which is something I have found to be very beneficial to get the legs loosened up again, as long as you spin and don't try to hammer the pedals. So I'll be working on fitness, cycling to work and getting sailing. Coming up next is the Largo Bay regatta on the 25/26 June, then we are organising a training day at Prestwick.

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