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Autumn Regatta

By Rooster Sailing 30th September 2020
Last fortnight was the Topper Autumn Regatta/ End of seasons. Since the squads had been selected the week before and it was not part of the Craftinsure national series it was a competitive event with the sailors taking risks to get an all important top 5. I felt the event gave me the opportunity to try a new rig setup (The old fashioned super stiff spars and the older Hyde sail). When we arrived at Carsington s.c the conditions looked unappealing with a deep fog restricting visibility to around 20 meters. The fog cleared allowing us to launch on time. The wind was around 7 knots and very flukey which meant sailing a consistent day was crucial. I managed to get 2,9,2. This score line left me in 2nd overnight with Arran Holman leading and Patrick Croghan in 3rd 1 point behind. On Sunday we awoke to the news that one of my brothers friends, James Hollis, had somehow lost his Tortoise. In the first race of the day I had a 4th and in the second I had a 3rd. It all came down to the last race. I had to make sure that Patrick Croghan did not beat me by two places. Off the start I felt might of been over but didn't go back as it would hand it on a plate to Patrick. Instead I decided to race him down the fleet so that his worst result had to be counted. By the last downwind I realised he could not recover from his position so I decided to sail my own race which resulted in me finishing in 5th or 6th (I can't remember) and I wasn't black flagged. This guaranteed me 2nd overall and 1st under 15. Looking back at the event I regret using the different rig setup because my upwind speed suffered.. The Autumn regatta is split between girls and boys and for the first two years it has attracted 100+ boats. At the same time was the 4.2 national series 2 which my brother won comfortably.

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