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Another Video Critique

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
Great - some more video to get stuck into. This time of Matt Smith who looks to be a very keen Tera sailor. 15 seconds - it obvious that Matt is very happy centre sheeting, but he might perhaps take some of the load on his extension hand to take the sheet freeing up his sheeting hand a little. I might be a little premature - let's see. 18 seconds. When the wind drops, the tiller extension that looked a little on the short side, now looks too long. I wonder if Matt has considered taking the extension frying pan handle style in lighter and more variable winds so he can steer more effectively whist still moving his body into the boat? 20 seconds in the Tera gets a little header which is taken well and Matt crosses confidently in front of a Topper 4.2. 36 seconds. I am slightly worried that Matt is looking uncomfortable. I used to sit a bit like Matt at this point, but I found that this style of sitting and hiking started to make my leg muscles develop on the outside of my legs which caused me knee pain. Try and sit square to the boat if you can - swop the extension to frying pan handle style when the wind drops and move back to dagger grip as the wind allows you to extend in your straps. 47 seconds - nice tack and swop of the extension round the back. 56 seconds - first time I have seen Matt using his mainsheet tension to gain extra power. So this means you can use this option rather than bearing away to hold your boat balance upwind. Easing and sheeting. 1:32 The result of not using frying pan style steering - having to use your elbow to bear away. You would have lots more contact and feedback from the boat if you sat square on and moved your bum into the boat when the wind dropped - and put your extension frying pan style behind you. I would love to demonstrate (time to borrow a Tera :) ) I also just thought - the tiller extension is also not making steering very easy. The slippery un covered part of the aluminium extension gives you very little option but to hold it on the end. How long is a Tera Extension? Can we make you a carbon grippy one at Rooster for you? 1:47 Some signs that Matt might have some problems once he starts going very downwind. Its a natural reaction that he has, pushing the tiller extension away from him when the boat starts to heel on top of him. I really suggest Matt gets the Boat Whisperer Downwind DVD on his Christmas list. He is wired like the DVD's hero (Lawrence) who has no end of problems keeping the boat upright. I suspect Matt might like to watch the DVD - and remember that the first rule is: Push the rudder away from you and the boom will go away from the water. Second Rule - pull it towards you and it will go towards the water. Your rudder movements are adding to the effect of the boat rolling on top of you rather than stopping it. Have a watch and give it a go. 1:57 some more pushing making it roll on top of you. I would tend to sail on this leg with the tiller extension on the other side of the boat - and I would be sat sideways leaning to the other side to correct for the windward rolls. 2:07 I have just noticed that your mainsheet is not dead ended in the boat. That means you can make a knot in it if you are unlucky. I always dead end mine in my Laser so any knots can be pulled out easily. I also use Polilite® since I designed it - but perhaps its still the rope choice of the champions. I know that Robert Scheidt and Nick Thompson will be using the 6mm version in the Laser Worlds next week. Good luck Nick. 2:46 looks really great now you are on a reach. Eveyrthing in balance and a nice quiet wake behind you. Don't forget once it starts to bubble if your speed drops -move forward. 3:00 Great bit of hand over hand sheeting round the leeward mark. 3:48 Now I like the position of the extension on the other deck now you are on a broad leg. Don't forget the movement of your weight to leeward to instigate the up turn you made at 3:50 4:06 Matt would be more comfortable with a two point position in the boat. i.e. feet underneath him - and perhaps knees in the middle. He can then move his weight easily between these two positions. He is currently looking like he is standing on one place -and will be unable to respond to a change in the wind. 4:15 - at this point Matt looks like he is trying to re take control. I hope he does not push that rudder now - as it will take the boom away from the water (rule 1.) 4:20 - Phew he got away with that - the boat headed up, but he has not taken in the extra mainsheet now required to keep his sail smiling. He is now highly likely to death roll. 4:25 despite one tug on the mainsheet - the boat realised that Matt's sail was a long way out for a broad reach - and so it tried very hard to bear away (death roll) A great bit of video. A great little sailor - If you don't get that downwind DVD for Christmas - buy it for your Dad and watch it together. It will solve your death rolls. You will discover that your sail trim and boat trim need to be in balance and you can dictate which way the boat will roll rather than react. Once you have got the rudder pulling when it heels to windward - you will accelerate as well. If I get a chance to take a Tera out for a sail with a Go Pro - I'll show you the body positions that you should try and copy - it will make controlling the boat balance much easier. Wish me luck at 75Kg!

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