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Kit Guide

Analogue Compass Bracket Solutions:

By Steve Cockerill 30th September 2020
All my wishes came true - we now have an excellently designed compass bracket that fits any boat with a standard track extrusion. Our package was designed with the Garmin (previously the silva) 73r product, but it will also work with Tactic, SpeedPuck products too. 73MB_5767-2 It can be fitted to the following classes: 4000, Graduate, Streaker, Enterprise, GP14, 2000, RS200, RS400, 505, Solo in fact, any class with an aluminium mast with extruded track. I fitted mine to my 4000 in 5 mins at the weekend. I passed the slug down the track then tightened the middle screw to hold it in place. The two outside holes of the slug take the top and bottom screws from the bracket. In tightening these, the bracket is pulled into the back of the mast - and its super stable. I attached the compass mounting bracket last. No danger of loosing the nuts as they are encapsulated on the back of the brackets. Great solution.

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