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Aero Sailing - 3 times harder than a 40Km Bike Ride

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
This weekend's Aero sailing at Stokes Bay with my GPS tracker and heart rate monitor has been very revealing.
Photo by Alex Benfield
Its not the first time I have worn a hear rate monitor on the water, but it is the first time I have compare the Suffer Score of three exercises over the last week. As a Strava Premium user, Strava offers a Suffer score based on the intensity of your exercise using your heart rate. Today's suffer score for two hours of pretty full on Aero 7 racing in 20 knots was 69 which is three times my suffer score from last Wednesday's 32Km bike ride which took 1 hour and 20 mins and five times larger than Thursday's 5Km run. So its not surprising that we feel pretty tired and hungry after an intensive day on the water.

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