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Kit Guide

Aero Sailing

By Steve Cockerill 2nd October 2020
I have been sailing the RS Aero for a while and I have enjoyed some excellent regattas following from my perhaps "over achievement "at the World Championships. I have been working on my backward tack technique that I used to use to great effect in the Europe and RS300. It allows me to use less rudder (taking the extension round the back) which helps me achieve a smooth tack whilst maintaining my weight further forward; this keeps the boat moving. I am not suggesting you should all try it - after all most people thought Jyrki Taiminen from Finland was weird when he first started using it. He vindicated his critics (including his coaches) by winning the Europe World Championships in the 90's. Interestingly I learned lots from Jyrki - we spent many hours training downwind together which is where I developed my downwind technique. I thought that the camera angle to the sun in this weekend's race at Stokes Bay Sailing Club was particularly effective at showing the waves, so I hope you can take something positive from it. Background: Air temperature +5 degrees C. Wind 10-14 knots. Gear worn: Rooster Pro Aquafleece (size M) Rooster Supertherm Top (size M) Race Skin Sleeveless Top (size M) Rooster Pro Hikers with Fixed Battens (size S - I like them tight!) Rooster Poly Pro leggings (size M) Rooster Pro Laced Boots (size 43) with original Lace Tidy® sample gaiters. Sample double dipped grip gloves with sandy finish with two fingers cut. 2018 Neoprene Beanie (final sample) Rooster Overhead PFD (size M) Rooster Wet-Socks Toasty!

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