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A sailing adventure

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020

One of the best things we can do is introduce non sailors to our sport, so last Friday I took a group of school children down to Port Edgar on the Firth of Forth for a sailing adventure. There were 5 kids and 3 teachers, 2 to sail the boats and one to drive the minibus. We hired 2 Wayfarers and had a RIB to escort us down to Inchcolm Island, which is about 5 miles away and the sun and favourable wind turned up as ordered.
Our sail to Inchcolm took us under the Forth Road Bridge and the Forth Bridge, which takes the railway, then round various rocks and islands on our way east, most of which were covered in sunbathing seals, until we arrived on the island for lunch.
Inchcolm used to have some major gun emplacements from the Second World War, Great War and even the Napoleonic wars, so we had a good scramble round some of these and a couple of the boys got chased by seagulls when they went the wrong way and got too close to their nests.
The sail back was upwind so a bit slower but we managed to sail past Cramond Island, the oil terminal at Hound Point with it's giant tugs, back under the bridges, then we just had time to inspect the caissons of the newest bridge that is being built before heading in.
The Scottish education system has been rolling out it's Curriculum for Excellence for a few years now, which is really what good teachers have been doing for years but one of the parts I really like is the cross curricular aspect, where you include various other subjects within your own. Sailing can tick so many boxes here as sailing is basically one big physics lesson, with some maths, geography, chemistry all overlaid by PE, health and nutrition. We added a good dose of history, biology and fun into the mix too.
So thanks to Anil, Michael, Oscar, Ruairidh and Natasha for your enthusiasm in making a memorable day. Michael and Ruairidh now want to learn to sail properly and Natasha wants to drive power boats.

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