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A new beginning

By 30th September 2020
Harry finished his oppie career last month after the world championships in Argentina (report to follow), which now means our 29er campaign has now properly started. Last weekend was our first day back training after Harry's trip. We were pretty rusty, I went out wearing my new supertherms and I was nice and warm. It was a cold 12 -16 knots and the waves were about 3 metres, we had a 2 and a half hour session, with one capsize going down a wave which ended up with Johnny swinging around the forestay!! We were in the wrong place at the wrong time and while we were capsized a small plane flew overhead and called the coastguard even though our coach was only two metres away on the rib! So out came the coastguard to greet us while we were heading back upwind!! We headed in happy with our training and then we gave the boat a quick wash. Sunday was a bit lighter and a bit warmer, we spent a solid 3 and a half hours on the water working on tacks, gybes and slow boat handling. The Irish 420 fleet were down training and we joined in with them for starts as they are the only boat close to our speed and size with a fleet in Ireland, there are only 3 29ers in Ireland that we know of, the other 2 are at the other side of the country! It was our first time doing starts and at first it was tough but we slowly got the hang of it. Next weekend we have a day off school on Friday so we are going to have our coach Matt from Scotland over and see what progress we have made since our first weekend on the 11th/12th of September. That's all for now Sail fast! -Johnny & Harry

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