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Kit Guide

2020 Ambassador Applications

By Emma Ralph 2nd October 2020

It's finally here...

Every year Rooster is on the lookout for role models and enthusiasts to form a global community of like-minded individuals. We aim to support these visionaries and work with each other to support their connection to the water, tell stories, encourage others and engage with communities. Last year we received nearly 500 applicants with less than 8% making it onto the team. Make sure your application stands out amongst the noise. We are not about results or logos on sails, we’re searching for genuine personalities that bring something amazing to our great sports. Rooster Ambassadors are role models that encourage and exemplify the sportsmanship, dedication, humility and environmental responsibility shared with Rooster’s core values.

Their enthusiasm for an outdoors and open-minded lifestyle is contagious and is a driving force for encouraging more people to do the same, achieving the Rooster vision of improving the quality of peoples’ lives through enjoyment and respect on the water.

Inspire, educate and facilitate access to the freedom of being on the water #InYourElement

Applications for 2020 are now closed - 06/01/2020 - keep your eyes peeled for when applications open again for 2021 sponsorship

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