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2015 So Far - Irish Laser Scene

By 2nd October 2020
The year started off with the Munster championships in Baltimore sailing club with the 4.7 completing six races over two days in very light conditions. Having wind shifts all day for both days with the wind coming from all directions at some stage in the event. The first race in Baltimore was light and on the first downwind the wind did a 180 degree shift turning the downwind leg into an upwind. This seriously messed up my race leaving me in 32nd in that race, this really annoyed me and even more that the race was not abandoned. The following races turned out to be better with less dramatic shifts. The wind finally got to a steady 15 knots on the last day. These are my favourite conditions and I had my best result ever in the last race being third overall. This brought me up a good few places leaving me 15th overall. Baltimore went OK and was an OK start to the racing in 2015. The second event of the year was the ISA Youth Nationals in Crossheaven in the Royal Cork Yacht Club. This event turned out to be a bit of a disaster as the 4.7s and Toppers only completed four out of a possible eight races. The first race was good with about 5 knots of wind and a lot of tide. I ended up 4th in that race .The following three were also light with the wind building on the second day but only one race sailed. I had a 15th and a 12th in the second and third race but an 8th in the last race. I think I could have done better if more races were sailed as the wind was looking stronger with 20 knots+ forecasted for the Sunday. Overall I ended up 10th. I was a little disappointed as I am very fast in heavy winds and I personally believe that it was not that windy at all with 4.7s going out training that morning after the racing was cancelled. We didn't even get a discard. Bent Laser Top MastThe third event of the year was the Ulster’s in Lough Erne Yacht Club. This event turned out to be my best this year coming 7th overall. My results were very consistent with all top 10 places with a 7th, 6th, 7th, 7th and a 5th. My worst result was a 9th. I was very happy with this result as Lough Erne is very shifty with loads of little islands surrounding the racing area. It’s back to Rush sailing club now to train hard for the next few months, in preparation for the next sailing event in June. I just bought a new laser 4.7 rooster replica sail and I have to say it preforms very well against a real laser 4.7 sail, only problem is I seem to have bad luck with new kit. See above what happened when surfing the breakers on the way into Rush after a day’s training two weeks ago. Luckily the mast did not fully break, otherwise I would have been looking for another new sail as well. Aaron Rogers

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