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1st to finish the sailing of the Three Peaks Yacht Race

By Sargent 30th September 2020

British Soldier is the first boat into Corpach Sea Loch on the Caledonian Canall with Wight Rose 5 minutes behind.

Straight from Matt on the mobile:

"We raced like there was a bungee between Wight Rose and us with them 10-13 NM ahead of us yesterday. But as we started rowing up the Sound of Jura we knew we were closing in on them. The excellent rowlock set up really paid off. Andrew and George did some good working tacking on the shifts overnight. At dawn we put the spinnaker back up. We were ghosting down the Sound of Jura when suddenly we saw Wight Rose stuck ahead among some little islands with the tide and no wind. So we sneaked up using every puff available. We were level at the Corry Vreckan whirlpook and then gybed on every gust out of the Sound of Luing, and just made the tidal gate. We rowed between islands while Wight Rose carried on with breeze. The breeze then shut off a the Corran Narrows (the last tidal gate) and we went from a spinnaker run to having the wind right in our race as it switched on and off. Thankfully the wind filled in just in time for us to get ahead of them then we had another adrenalin filled run to the finish. We had to do lots of gybes but by now our crew work was smooth even though we had to call up the runners from down below where they were getting changed to run Ben Nevis."

Will and John are now on the hill about 1km behind the Wight Rose team, who are about 5km from the summit. The sailors are putting the boat to bed, then showering before getting ready to welcome the runners home about midnight. Who will be first to complete the run and the race? Will it be the all rounder team of British Soldier or the fell runners of Wight Rose?.....

Look yourself at:

Wight Rose's (white boat) runners have just gone straight up to the summit while British Soldier's (red boat) runners are sticking to the path as the daylight fades...

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