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Club Coaching Tips

By Ian Baillie 30th September 2020
Spent most of today coaching some Lasers at my local club, Dalgety Bay. I always like it when you can see the results of the session appear before your eyes. We concentrated on boat set up then boat handling, the thinking being if we could set our boats up nicely then the boat handling will be easier and more productive. And I reckon it worked. I always think the main thing to do when coaching is to get the right ideas into the sailors, then they can go and practise more productively because as any teacher will tell you, it's repeating something over and over again that makes you good at it; you don't think Steve Cockerill was just suddenly good did you? That's why your maths teacher got you do the same sums over and over and it's why everyone can get better at anything, you just need to practice loads. Oh, and get a good coach to show you the best way to do it in the first instance and then buy all the Boat Whisperer DVDs.

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