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Kit Guide

12 Alternative Uses for a Racing Mark

By Emma Ralph 2nd October 2020

1) Impossible Lilo - would not recommend if in genuine need of a lie-down…

2) Unimpressive Balloon(s) - because who wouldn’t like a sausage-shaped sunshine yellow, gravity stricken balloon to liven up the party?

3) Cumbersome shield against the armageddon - Our aptly named ‘Dumpy’ race mark is wide enough to protect you from, at least one angle, against slow-moving nerf bullets/paint or water… Handy tip, tie some rope through the 316 stainless D Rings and wear like a satchel on your back to protect you from behind.

4) Rage consumer/ Rugby Tackling stump - our ‘Giant’ racing mark is here to give you slightly larger than average person-sized inflatable fun. Why not take your energy out on this guy and test it’s 32oz PVC Polyester fabric and 100kg MAX load… if it bursts, you can always use our Mark Repair Kit to get ‘Giant’ back up to his peak for his next mission.

5) Impossible Surfboard - it’s only impossible until someone does it…

6) Anchored Raft - keep the kids busy without drifting away while you watch the racing, they’ll have the best seat in the house and you can be safe in the knowledge that they’re having a great time.

7) Sleeping buddy - who needs cuddly toys when you have a single skin 32oz PVC Polyester fabric inflatable to keep you warm.

8) Planter - Anything can be a planter if you really put your mind to it.

9) Room Décor - What better way to show off to your friends how much of a sailing enthusiast you are than to feature a 153CM X 61CM bright Orange work of art in the living room for all to enjoy.

10) Full leg workout - Get yourself a handy Rooster Mark Foot Pump with detachable hose and close clamp, to go with your latest unique (and highly diverse) purchase - a fun, single-leg, alternative to the common squat, typical inflation time using the Rooster Foot Pump is 3:45s at 60 SPM - and my word will you feel it.

11) Really frustrating game of football - There’s no telling what direction a good large inflatable racing mark will go in when kicked, and its heavy 32oz PVC Polyester fabric with 316 stainless D Rings really do add an extra challenge to making these things move around a pitch.

12) Big bright anchored inflatable target to sail/swim/windsurf/impossible surf/impossible lilo towards then quickly avoid last-minute making swift and necessary manoeuvres to avoid - especially if you’re competing in an 'Impossible lilo' event… really tough stuff.

Rooster Race Marks offer Clubs, Coaches and Class Associations an affordable, durable option designed to reduce the financial burden when acquiring these vital resources. Unlike other budget options, these will hold their pressure with minimal maintenance. Get in touch with us and we can help you get exactly what you need, email:

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