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#SailThroughWinter 🌧️❄️💨🌊 with these top 5 tips!

Here are some ingenious tips and tricks to make your kit bag work harder for you this winter without breaking the bank. TIP #1: Cold Hands and Feet...

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Here are some ingenious tips and tricks to make your kit bag work harder for you this winter without breaking the bank.

TIP #1: Cold Hands and Feet

Your trusty sailing gloves and boots haven’t let you down all summer but the rapidly dropping water and air temperatures are leaving your extremities cold and numb. There’s no need to replace them! Add one of our glove liners such as the Hot Hands or PolyPro™ Glove Liner. We also have a  number of options on sock liners you can wear with your wetsuit boots to keep you toasty. Take a look at the Hot Sock, Super stretch Wet Sock and PolyPro™ Sock Liner. The fabrics and thicknesses vary depending on each individuals needs and the great thing is they can be used for a range of other sports too, like SUP’ing, cycling, skiing and running. Check out the Fell Running Guide’s review on our socks, and he also uses our glove liners when racing 🙂
If the options seem confusing, give us a call and we’ll guide you through the range.

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TIP #2: Cold Ears/ Ice Cream Headache!

Winter showers, hail, snow or an unexpected dunking, the most important part of your body to keep warm and dry is your head. It’s amazing the difference putting a hat on can make to your day on the water. Even in Summer it’s worth carrying a hat in case you find yourself hanging around in between races. Our Pro Aquafleece® Hat gives you the comfort of a fleece lining, while the waterproof outer and taped seams work to keep the water out. Cold ears? Try our Polypro™ or Aquafleece® headbands and for an all-encompassing solution – try the Rooster® Balaclava! On shore you can peel to our lovely Fleece Lined Beanie.


TIP #3: My summer wetsuit is great, I don’t need another one but I’m COLD!!

Get your base layer right. Lycra rash vests are out I’m afraid, the fabric is designed to keep you cool so these should only be worn to protect you from UV rays. PolyPro™ base layers are in and will make a huge difference to your core temperature. Once again, these items can be used across multiple sports and activities. The brushed, fleece-like lining is very soft and comfortable next to your skin and the polypopylene fabric is hydrophobic which means it repells water rather than absorbing it.



TIP #4: I’m STILL cold :-(

Take a look at your first line of defence, what’s keeping the wind, rain, snow and spray out? Our Aquafleece® revolutionised the standard spray top – waterproof outer AND a soft fleece lining, the perfect combination! You can wear it all year round too, just adjust the layers you wear underneath in the warmer months to stop you overheating. Our range is available in a number of different colours, styles and constructions – watch this video to find out more.


TIP #5: Go ahead, treat yourself!

If you’re looking for a new, winter specific wetsuit for sailing and plan to use it for Windsurfing, Surfing or Kite Surfing, then our SuperTherm® 5/4 Steamer is for you! Featuring our quick-dry thermal lining on the chest and back panel with super low density neoprene used throughout to give maximum movement with ultimate insulation.


Check out our online shop for everything you need to #SailThroughWinter 🌧️❄️💨🌊



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